Dr. César Augusto Patiño is the founder, owner and director of the Hyperbaric Medical Center of Pereira city.                    

    Dr. Patiño graduated as an M.D. general surgeon at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá city, the capital of the country. After finishing his rural year at the coffee region, he fell in love with the culture, the people, and the weather of the region, and decided to stay in Pereira city definitively to establish his family and place of work. 

    He worked for almost 3 decades in various health agencies, mainly with the biggest and most prestigious ¨The Institute of Social Security¨ attending many thousands of patients through the years with an impeccable work and trajectory, giving him one of the most prestigious careers and names in the medical field at the region.  

    18 years ago, after 2 years of learning and investigating about the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, he finally decided to invest in his first hard shell chamber, to start using it as a complementary therapy, with some patients where there was some physiological or theorical basis for its use, obtaining very good outcomes in relatively short periods of time.  This encouraged him to continue using the HBOT more often, as long as the patients required it, and the results continued impressing him as well as his patients and families.     A few years later, given the greater demand for the treatment, not only by people from Pereira city but from all the region, he decided to invest in the second hyperbaric chamber.

    The Hyperbaric Medical Center's mission is to provide the best service to people in need of good integral medical approach with the use of hyperbaric oxygen as an excellent complement or even as the primary treatment for some diseases, specially chronic ones, those where is some physiological basis for its use, or those conditions that don’t respond well to more conventional or even invasive treatments.  In this way, we may help to solve many prolonged and painful health problems and conditions, improving not only the quality of life of the patients but also their families. 


Adress: 17th street  * 6-15 (center of the city)

Phone: (57) 6 3355741 -  3353663 

Pereira / Colombia

About Us

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