Medical consultation and HBOT session fees


  • Initial long distance phone or internet consulation for about 1 hour = 50 dollars
  • If the patient or parents dont need a long distance consultation, the consultation in Colombia is free for foreing patients that are going to have the HBOT.
  • Each HBOT session (60 to 90 minutes) = 20 dollars
  • For foreing patients that need more than 50 sessions, there is a 20% discount starting at the session 51

    (for practical matters we are going to assume that the patient will only need 50 HBOT sessions.  50 x 20 dollars = 1000 dollars


Cost estimates for accomodations, food and related items


  • Hotel simple but comfortable single room will cost approximately 30 dollars (including 1 breakfast, private bathroom, hot water, tv-cable, local calls, parking and wireless internet in most of them).  30 days x 30 dollars = 900 dollars 

       (in a single room, a parent can be with its younger child, not older than 5 or 6 years, only having to add the cost o his food)

  • Hotel simple but comfortable double room, will cost in average 40 dollars (including 2 breakfasts, private bathroom, hot water, cable tv, local calls, parking, and wireless internet in most of them)  30 days x 40 dollars = 1200 dollars

       (2 parents and a little kid can spend overnight in this kind of room, only having to add the child food)

  • Most hotels have their own good restaurant, but there are also several good ones, and food malls near to them and the medical center, where you can have a very good and healthy lunch or dinner for about 7 to 10 dollars.

       7 dollars x 2 meals x 30 days = 400 dollars aproximately


Overall estimated costs:


  • The overall cost estimations for one person, having 50 sessions, staying for 4 weeks, will be approximately 2800 dollars,     plus the international air tickets.
  • If there is a little child accompanied by one parent, the only increase in the cost will be his food (maybe about 200 dollars for one month) and the parent can go inside the chamber with his child if needed, with no extra cost, so it will be 3000 dollars
  • For 2 parents and their little child, the overall costs of the treatment of 50 HBOT sessions, the hotel, food and similar items, staying for 4 weeks, will go up to 3500 dollars approximately, plus the international air tickets.


Note: This estitamtions can vary according on the time of the treatment, the kind of hotel and restaurants you chose and activities you want to make, but the differences should not be notorious, since more prices are very cheap compared with USA and EUROPE costs.

For example: If you want to make some shopping or some eco tourism activities , you may add maybe about another 200 dollars.

any further question or information you may require, please send us and email to: , and we will be glad to answer as soon as we can.


Thank you,

Daniel Patiño