What is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)


    Most diseases have a common denominator level of hypoxia, a situation under which the cellular metabolism and biochemical reactions in the body can not develop normally. Oxygen administered in pressurized environment acts as a real drug, producing different responses depending on the dose and timing of administration.

    HYPER is a prefix indicating excess, BARI, Barys Greek root of (weight, pressure).Thus, Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBO) means breathing oxygen at pressures greater than atmospheric pressure.

   Born in the field of diving to treat cases of decompression, hyperbaric medicine is today, a branch of medicine widely accepted for its excellent therapeutic effects in treating various diseases and ailments, based on decades of experience and clinical studies around the world.

   Within a hyperbaric chamber the patient breathes pure oxygen at pressures greater than the environment, thereby ensuring oxygenation levels unobtainable by any other method, that allows carry oxygen to organs and tissues even in places where blood flow is poor or blocked, thereby stimulating the body's regenerative processes and stop or retrieve various diseases and degenerative processes, even in chronic cases resistant to other treatments.